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1M Cubic Biodigester Price

KSh 90,000.00

1m Cubic Biodigester is an environmentally friendly technology that helps manage organic waste by creating an oxygen-free environment where bacteria break down the waste to produce biogas and fertilizer.
A 1m3 biodigester has the capacity to process organic waste from about 20 daily users and can serve a family residential house. The size can digest materials like food waste, animal manure, and crop residues. Key components include a digester tank, inlet pipe, outlet pipe, and soak way tank. Benefits include renewable energy production, waste management, and agricultural productivity.

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1M Cubic Biodigester Price

1M cubic biodigesters are anaerobic digestion systems with a capacity of 1000 liters. They are suitable for small households or communities with up to 30 users. The biodigester tank is made of durableconcrete and is designed to provide an oxygen-free environment for anaerobic bacteria to break down organic waste. The size can vary from 1-2 meters diameter and 2-3 meters height depending on design.


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