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3M Cubic Biodigester Price

KSh 230,000.00

3M Cubic Biodigester Price
A 3 cubic meter biodigester is suitable for a medium to large household, institution or farm with 100-200 daily users. This size provides a good balance between capital cost and biogas productivity. Common designs for 3M3 biodigesters are floating drum and fixed dome types made of concrete or plastic.
Typical dimensions are around 2m diameter and 3-4m height.
Estimated biogas output is 2-3 cubic meters per day, providing fuel for cooking 3-4 meals. The digestate can fertilize up to 1500 square meters of land. Indicative construction cost in Kenya is Ksh 200,000-250,000 based on materials used.
Proper site selection, digester sizing and design are key for optimal performance. Safety features like gas valves and leak detectors are incorporated. Regular feeding, desludging and maintenance is required.

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3m3 Biodigester Design

Common types are floating drum and fixed dome digesters made of concrete, brick or plastic polyethylene.

Typical dimensions are around 2m diameter and 3-4m height for a cylindrical shape. May be underground or partially above ground.

Inlet and outlet consist of PVC/HDPE pipes connected to main chamber.


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