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2M Cubic Biodigester Price

KSh 130,000.00

The typical price range for a 2 cubic meter biodigester in Kenya is Ksh 130,000 – 150,000. This size is suitable for a medium household, small institution or farm with around 50 users.
Key factors affecting the cost include materials used for construction, whether it’s a prefabricated or custom-built model, and expertise needed for installation.
Concrete biodigesters are generally more expensive, with prices starting from Ksh 150,000. Plastic polyethylene digesters can cost between Ksh 120,000-150,000 for a 2M3 size. Prices also depend on whether it’s a fixed dome, floating drum or tubular/tank model.
Additional costs may be needed for plumbing equipment, skilled masonry, site preparation, gas pipes and appliances.
Operating costs are minimal – mainly feedstock inputs and periodic maintenance. The payback period can be 1-2 years with the waste exhaust savings.

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2M3 Biodigester Design

Floating drum and tubular digesters around 2M3 size are commonly used for domestic and small farm applications due to their simple, low-cost designs. Various configuration options are possible based on user needs and site conditions.

The most common designs for a 2 cubic meter biodigester suitable for a medium household or small farm include fixed dome, floating drum and tubular digesters. The fixed dome consists of an underground digester chamber made of brick, concrete or stone masonry with a fixed gas dome.

Floating drum types have a movable gas drum that floats up and down to store and remove biogas. Tubular digesters use a simple plastic or polyethylene tube buried underground.

For a 2M3 biodigester, a floating drum or tubular design is generally preferred as they are easier to construct and have lower capital costs compared to fixed dome types. Typical dimensions are around 1.5-2m diameter and 3-4m length for a cylindrical shape. The inlet and outlet consist of PVC or HDPE pipes connected to the main chamber


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