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Biodigester Design

Biodigester consists of an underground chamber with inlet and outlet pipe. Often it is designed concrete or plastic tank that provide environments where organic biodegradation occur.

Biodigester Layouts

Biodigester basically is designed for toilet waste. Waste from the kitchen should be channeled to the grease trap. Bathroom waste water can be channeled directly to the Soakaway pit.

Biodigester Vs Ordinary Septic

Septic tank will require more space and cost more to construct compared to biodigester. Most septic designs don’t have outlet hence fill up and require exhausting often. Septic tanks often emits foul smell if not well covered.

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Biodigester Cost (Pricing)

Ksh. 90,000

  • 1-30 Daily Users
  • 1 M3 Capacity
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Bacteria Activation
  • Completed in 5-7 Days

Ksh. 150,000

  • 30-100 Daily Users
  • 2.5 M3 Capacity
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Bacteria Activation
  • Completed in 6-10 Days

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